There are several types of bamboo plywood in China, but Biooply is a combination of productivity X economy, with sustainability.

The key element in the structure of the biocomposite is the semi-manufactured layer made from natural fibers from the Amazon, AVM - Amazonian Vegetal Mant - that is already used on a large scale in the automobile industry. It makes the manufacturing procedure more efficient and productive due to its dual phased process. From one side of the production line we receive the 3ply pre pressed, and from the other side the veneer finishing – on both faces - equally pre pressed with a layer of AVM.

The Chinese process uses priority the hot press, and recommends a second another pressing – in cases of plywood - which creates a superior stability for the final material.

Biooply combines the central part that is pre pressed, with the other 2 finishing layers, transforming into a 7 layer material.

What makes our process more efficient is due to the fact that it is dual phased, mainly because we save 2 layers of bamboo in each board. The final result is a material significantly lighter than conventional plywood on current market.